Installation at upper Richmond Road, London

How exactly people judge a good salon? The first image that might have appeared in your mind is probably of good lit, fancy chairs, highly professional barbers or maybe some more options. Does that have to do anything with a front look of the Salon? Apparently Yes! the look of the salon should say everything about it.

People should be able to anticipate how much quality and good services they offer from the main entrance of the shop. Quick Shopfronts Limited was approached with the jobs in Upper Richmond Road, London, on the trust, belief, and credence that we’ve known for. The very first job being the Aluminium Shop Front which must sustain 100% transparency, saves more space, smooth yet substantial.

Aluminium Shop Front Secured with Punch Hole Roller Shutter

Why Did We recommend Aluminium Shopfront?

What benefits does it bring on the table?

The recommendation comes from experience, and our hard-working crew member knows what is suitable for distinct niches. A person planning for grooming goes out in the market and search for an eye-pleasing salon, that says everything about the services being offered by them.

It is the most desired option picked by the shop owners, hotels, restaurants, offices, companies to showcase their products, quality items, comfort, and delight for the people who are in need of the grooming and other services. Where Aluminium doors stand out of the crowd and look plushy.

Specifications for this Shopfront:

  1. Single Door.
  2. A thickness of 6.4mm.
  3. Laminated safety glass to add more grace.
  4. Preferred RAL black gloss color to shine forever.


  1. Crystal clear outside view.
  2. Clean and Hygienic presentation of the work.
  3. Light, Potent, Powerful, Ergonomic & Impressive.
  4. Secure, Protected, Trouble Free, with an Ambience of Peace.

How We Solved the 60% Visibility Requirement of Salon’s Owner

To retain the look with a see-through design and maintaining the security, no other option can satisfy all the three major concerns but to go with Punch Hole Roller Shutter. To prevent the hassles of opening and closing the shutter manually, the tubular motor is saving all the energy. Being able to open and close the shutter every working day, push of a button is sufficient enough to carry out the work easily.

To thrice the look of the Roller Shutter similar RAL Black gloss color is taken under consideration which not only paints a sober image of the salon for his customers but also persists in preserving the long life. Our technicians were successfully able to complete the job in the given time period. Feel free to know more about the services of ours, call us at 07427654754 or reach us via email on [email protected].