Hamlins Pharmacy Beautified with Aluminium Shopfront & Secured with Solid Roller Shutter

This gorgeous piece of art is proudly made by the Quick Shopfronts team. It appears stupendous which might be confusing at first that the glass shopfront is fragile or delicate, but believe us, it will bring hard-time to the intruders.

Hamlins Pharmacy is the place where our team has installed Aluminium Shopfronts and Solid Roller Shutter as well. The pharmacy is located in the Bloemfontein Road, White City, London. The whole new look of the place has painted a new picture making everyone aware of its existence.

The Toughened glass door is used, to reinforce the strength and endurance of the whole new shopfront. The agility of the doors will remain persistent for decades if kept with regular maintenance. In addition to glass front doors, a provision of Chrome handle is being added to give the modern touch with a RAL 7015 Color.

Our Engineers promise is now a reality, they leave no sign of doubt, the vulnerability of products or services. Our policy of remaining true and honest to the customers regardless of any circumstance, consistent and relentless high-quality work delivery defines what is Quick Shopfronts today.


Sneak peak through a solid roller shutter

Being able to see pass through the Shutter can only be achieved through perforated design. The owner is pleased with the 1-meter perforated lath in the middle, enabling to look outside or gaze on what’s happening on the other side of the door.

Work is carried out by?

The manual operation will certainly be tedious, that will surely bring breathlessness if performed. In order to save the effort and time, the 230nm tubular motor is being harnessed that solves the purpose seamlessly.

Ultimately, Hamlins Pharmacy is secured by rolling shutter and the task will be smoothly performed by the 230nm tubular motor.

Amenities Altogether

Stylish: looking with the modern world’s eye, a combination of shopfronts and rolling shutter clearly looks stylish and is helpful in attracting the customers.
Transparent: transparency start with the appearance of your shop, which helps a passerby to anticipate what the shop or premise is all about
Sturdy: high-quality products usage and binding it in the most purposeful manner will make the whole package rugged enough to withstand any stress.
Low Cost: it puts very less weight on the pocket.
Low Maintenance: regular maintenance can enhance the life of the same.
• Time-Saving
• Effort Saving