There are three key factors determining the success of your shopfront – (1) It should showcase your business in a compelling manner (2) Provide high-end security against vandalism and (3) Look exceptionally stylish and modern. Does your shopfront in London exemplify the above “star” features? If no, give it a complete makeover with premium toughened glass doors.

What is Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass or tempered glass is among the most commonly used glass materials, having countless applications across different industries. Over the past few years, it has gained immense importance in the construction and architecture industry, particularly for designing shop fronts, modern homes and offices.

It is engineered with standard annealed glass that has undergone rigorous thermal tempering treatment at 650 degrees Celsius. It is then cooled rapidly, while the glass remains fuming hot internally. The unique process builds a centre tension that tends to transform the physical properties of the glass. So, you have a glass sheet that is resistant to high pressure than any standard glass.

Glass Doors

Advantages of using toughened glass doors for your shopfront

There are several advantages of installing toughened glass doors for your shopfront. Let’s check out:

·        Aesthetics: Glass doors, with their unique sheen and sophistication, help enhance the visual appeal of your shop front. And the way your business looks and feels plays an integral role in creating a brand impression.

·        A powerful marketing tool: Toughened glass shop fronts are the best way to showcase your products or business – whether it is your retail store, beauty salon, gymnasium, shop, etc. Putting least effort on your end, you are able to advertise your business in a manner that attracts the attention of the onlookers.

·        High-end security: One of the best things about toughened glass door is its superior strength, resilience and durability. Toughened glass is shock-proof and can even withstand heavy impact, providing security against vandalism and intrusion. It is weather resistant and also provides high-end insulation against air, water and wind. If accidentally the glass breaks, it will split into innumerable tiny pieces which minimises the risk of hazards.

·        Highly durable and less maintenance: Toughened glass do not rust or corrode and ensures excellent longevity regardless of any adverse condition. It is also easy to clean and maintain, cutting down on your repair costs.

·        Energy Saving: glass doors allow abundant natural light to enter your commercial space, minimising your energy consumption. This further helps you save big time.

Different shopfront styles you can achieve with toughened glass doors

With toughened glass, the options to experiment with your shopfront design and security are numerous. Here are some fantastic ideas for you:

·        Framed glass shopfront door: Framed glass doors typically feature sleek aluminium profiles that add a distinct style to your shop front.

·        Frameless glass door: Frameless glass doors are one of the most popular styles in shopfront door designs that render complete glass look. This helps enhance the aesthetic appeal and style of your store front. 

·        Sliding glass door: Sliding doors are a fantastic option if you are considering superior convenience and a great look. Easy operations make it a preferred choice among many retail stores and other businesses.

·        Automatic glass doors: While manual doors are most common in London, you can also choose to install electric glass doors that operate through a switch or remote control.


Toughened glass doors are a great way to enhance the look and functionality of your shopfront. However, to have the best value for money, it is important that you choose a company that has vast experience and knowledge in installing glass doors for your shopfront. 

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