If you are planning to renovate your not-so-attractive shopfront with glass replacement, your business outlet is about to have its own dedicated advertising space. Shop fronts, entry doors and windows made of glass can be used to create some truly impactful displays that build instant connections with the bystanders and make them walk into the stores. Though, it is a proven advertising strategy, you should know how to execute in some interesting and unique ways. Here are some ideas to help you.


First of All, Choose the Right Material

Glass is usually considered as delicate and prone to easy damage, but these are the drawbacks of traditional glass varieties. The modern tempered or toughened glass shopfronts offer high-level security and safety, along with many other advantages like efficient energy consumption, dust and temperature control and extremely elegant looks. Many of the Quick Shopfronts customers have been enjoying these advantages for many years post switching to laminate safety glass designs for their commercial entryways.

Use Some Attractive Signage

Glass surfaces are perfect to flaunt business signage that helps in solid business branding. Get your store’s name, logo and specialities in the form of bold and colourful signs and fix them on the glass installations in a way that they are visible from a distance. The transparent background would let the signage create a lasting impression on the minds of the spectators. They might not immediately walk into your store, but would surely recall your business for future visits.

Get Interesting Graphics to Generate Curiosity

You can use window graphics to display some quirky one-liners about your latest collections that would be clearly visible through the glass. Don’t mind placing small samples of your merchandise as well as high-quality pictures to make the watchers curious. Use interesting call-to-action lines like ‘Get in to Get More’ and ‘Latest Summer Collections Waiting to be Explored’ to invite the viewers.

Create Striking Effects with Lights

Products displayed under colourful lights behind the glass displays instantly get attention from every passerby. You can think of using spotlights to highlight each of the items at display. Glass shopfronts lit up with elegant lighting in the evening can even summon people from a distance.

Display Special Offers in Bold

Special sales and discount offers are irresistible for one and all. With glass made display areas at the shop fronts, you can advertise these offers clear and bold. If you own a food outlet, you can advertise season’s specialities and fresh additions to the menus with some great-looking images.

Create Festive Themes

Festivals and important days bring more number of customers to the marketplaces. From fashion stores to jewellery outlets as well as gifts stores can make the best use of glass doors, windows and shop fronts on these occasions. Be creative in displaying a unique theme for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Halloween or any other celebrations, lending out hints about what your store has got for the special occasion.

Pick-up Some Unusual Props

Don’t be plain and ordinary in your approach, but be artistic in making your glass displays truly stand out. For this, you can easily find some atypical props like painted foam shapes, animal figures, mirrors, metal leaves and flowers, foliage, wall sculptures, fibreglass items and so on. Other options include 3D arts and animated objects that are even better at gaining attention. However, make sure that your products on display are highlighted and not overshadowed by the presence of these props.

Don’t Forget Digital Marketing

The frameless glass doors and shop fronts can also help you advertise your digital media profiles to your in-store visitors. You can put up graphics and messages providing details about your store’s URL, email ids as well as social media profiles. Many spectators may not have time to immediately visit your store, but they may note down your digital addresses and visit you there.

Bonus Tips

  • Glass windows, doors and store front areas are extremely easy to clean. You won’t have any issue cleaning them in routine and this would add value to your advertising efforts.
  • Keep minimalist designs and don’t clutter the space available.
  • Update the displays every now and then to let the regular spectators know what’s new.

Quick Shopfronts can help you with shop front installation or door glass replacement too if you are inspired by these advertising ideas. Apart from these, durability and great value for money are other reasons you should consider glass installations for.