Adding beauty with power-packed security and making invader’s hubris bewilder, is what our team has done. Owner’s thoughts on maintaining see through and a break-proof design has been achieved enthusiastically. Elevating safety to 10X by interpolating 8.8 mm laminated safety glass that reinforces the whole structure until the invader gives up on trespassing.

Quick Shopfronts Limited is a name very well recognized when it comes to any kind of rolling shutter or shopfronts. Here, the demand and vision of the shop owner were unique, he wanted his customers or future customers to have a look even the shutter is closed. Yet maintaining the ruggedness of the structure.

Things that were Being Kept in Mind While Manufacturing

Perforated Roller Shutter | Benefits

Higher Priority:

The delicacy in the material mustn’t be there, no matter what. Taken such parameters lightly can devastate the owner. Higher precisions were taken in the material used, work ethics, and smooth eye pleasing structure. The image in owner’s mind was profoundly grabbed by our charismatic engineers.

Material Quality:

Adulteration in the material used is a worst practice that we don’t recommend to anybody to save few bucks, compromising with the risk of security. We have considered the strongest grade of Aluminium so that the client never faces any quality concerns with the material used.


  • Clutter-Free Mechanism: Unlike other manually operated shutters, this one has a single phase Tubular Motor which handles every aspect of dealing with tedious work.
  • Stunning Appearance: Owners desire of having a clean, tidy and bold look, demands a color which takes care of all the above. The black matte color was picked and the appearance is answering on its own.

Aluminium Shopfronts Perforated Roller Shutter job

Amenities Comes Free With Aluminium Shop Fronts

  • Aluminium Single Door: A provision of a single door was sufficiently big to satisfy the need to carry out the work with ease.
  • 8 mm Laminated Safety Glass: This glass doesn’t skittle away its pieces even hit by a heavy strong object like a brick thrown with heavy force. It will make the person breathe heavily who is trying to break it manually, believe us it is tough-skinned.
  • Control on various parameters: High temperature, dust, pollution, bad weather condition, all were forbidden to enter inside.

Customer Support: Customer satisfaction is our pride, still in case of an emergency situation or improper functioning, we are always there. You can either give us a phone call: 07427654754 or reach us via email: [email protected], the query will be answered quickly.