It was last week only when we received a call from a business owner from Reading, Berkshire. The person was under immense stress as he encountered serious roller shutter damage. His was a motorized shutter and as explained by the owner, we framed out that there is possibly an issue with the motor.

As we know, Roller Shutters are designed to offer peace of mind to business owners by providing safety and security to business premises, the person was seeking for speedy service. Quick Shopfronts is always available to offer all kinds of services at any time and any place in the UK.

Hence, our experts rushed to the site and found that the issue was with the motor. The team immediately changed the motor. But the shutter still had some problem. Our team spent almost half-a-day to find out the part that was causing the trouble. It was nothing but the broken end locks that are responsible to hold the lath in alignment.

It wasn’t an easy task for us as nobody gives a glance at such small parts. But, Quick Shopfronts is unlike others in the market. We leave no stone unturned till we find the root cause of the problem. After the issue was recognized, our team started to fix the damage and brought it back to working condition. It was our first and the most important task. This helped us make our space in the Reading’s market.

To avoid such complications, it is advised to get Roller Shutters checked on regular intervals as this would keep the owners in the know about the situation of the shutter and they won’t be shocked by sudden damage. We have a highly qualified and skilled team that can provide the best installations and repair services to all industrial as well as commercial rolling shutters.