Security shutters are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. However, after being in constant operation or due to poor maintenance, these may start showing signs of damage or functional glitches. While some of these issues can be easily addressed, others require experts in security shutter repairs. Here is a guide to help you recognize problems that you can handle yourself as well as those demanding professional help.

Roller Shutter Repairs

Difficult operation

You may find it difficult to operate the roller shutters for the following reasons:

  • A shutter may be stuck when you try to open or close it. The issue can be resolved by spraying the rails with a recommended lubricant.
  • The shutter may open or close only halfway. The main cause for this is dirt accumulation over proximity sensors. Another reason may be debris present in the track. Check thoroughly to wipe out the dirt or remove debris.
  • Roller Shutters tend to show unpredictable movements after constant usage. They may all of a sudden move or fail to stay at place. There can be an issue in the braking mechanism of the security shutter and you must call an expert to get it fixed.

Undesirable noises

Contrary to their relatively quieter operation, roller shutters may begin to produce noises and sounds. Lubricating some parts of the shutter may resolve the problem in few cases. However, if it begins to squeak, rattle, screech or produce unbearable sounds regularly, you must opt for roller shutter repairs. In many situations, it is the roller shutter’s motor which generates these sounds and not paying attention to it may invite serious issues.

Visible damage signs

When you are not around the property where the shutters are installed, there are many things that may happen. For example:

  • Robbers and intruders may try to break in by causing damage to the security shutters. Even if they fail to do so, the signs of damage can be easily noticed.
  • Dents may be caused due to accidents like a vehicle hitting the roller shutter or stones pelted during vandalism.

In addition, roller shutters may experience wear and tear due to a number of reasons like:

  • Age, if the roller shutters are many years old.
  • Weather, if the region is prone to extreme rain and snow conditions.
  • Rust and corrosion due to pure maintenance.

If you notice these signs, make sure to immediately call for repair. Leaving them unattended may lead to escalation of the issue.

Leakage issues

Although designed to keep the weather elements and other similar intruders away, roller shutters may develop leakage issues due to unattended wear and tear. You may notice water accumulated inside the property after rain or cold air entering the place during winters. Each of these occurrences points that you need to call a repair expert.

Electric roller shutter issues

The automatic electric roller shutters too are prone to issues. For example, there might be an issue in the electric supply and connections. These may also experience overheating which must be addressed without any delay. Code clashing is another common issue which happens when the codes to operate your security roller shutter clashes with those of your neighbour’s security shutters. To fix these issues, you would need expert electric shutter repairs.

Make sure you carry out regular inspection to recognize these issues as early as possible. It may help you avoid costly repairs.

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