Aesthetics. Secure. Insulating. Durable – the advantages of installing Solid Roller Shutter are remarkable. Whether you love bold colours or subtle; choose a slide to the side or sectional style, they will definitely make a strong impact in your property’s look, feel and safety. However, when considering solid shutters for your commercial or industrial property, it is important to choose the right material. This is crucial because a lot depends on the rigidity, robustness and longevity the material promises to ensure highest levels of security – the key purpose behind installing a solid roller shutter door.

Aluminium, with its high-end malleability, ruggedness and durability, makes one of the best materials for Roller Shutters. The flexible nature of the metal enables engineering it into any shape or density one desires. Fabricated aluminium is an ideal choice of architects because it helps achieve the highest standards of quality, protection, insulation and long-lasting effects in roller shutter doors.

Solid Roller Shutter

Discussed here are the five key advantages of using Aluminium for your Solid Roller Shutter requirements:

#1. Security

With solid Shop Front Shutters, you would want high levels of security to safeguard your property against burglary, criminal intrusion and harsh weather conditions. Aluminium is among the most secure roller shutter materials in the market today that not only offers superior protection but can also withstand adverse elements outside. The metal can be engineered into high-density corrugated sheets that are hardwearing and durable. Regardless of the weather outside, aluminium shutters can render protection against wind, water or other adversities.

Aluminium can also be fabricated to be shock-proof and fire-retardant, adding another level of security to your property. It can resist any kind of impact, keeping burglars and intruders off the site. With roller shutter installers such as Quick Shopfronts, you can also get alarm systems or other security devices fitted to your shopfront door for enhanced safety.

#2: Superior convenience

When installing a Shop Shutter, convenience is vital. Therefore, aluminium is a fantastic choice for businesses because they look for shutters that are easy and fast to operate without any inconvenience. Aluminium Roller Shutters can be rolled up and down quickly, ensuring ease of operation. Additionally, if you get an electric or automatic shutter door installed, it can further guarantee easy functionality with just the press of a button.

Good roller shutter providers typically offer tubular motor with safety brakes, internal push button or remote-controlled operation, bottom edge and manual override and various other features for utmost convenience.

#3: Visual appeal

Bid adieu to conventional steel shutters that often look unattractive and bulky; switch to aluminium Solid Roller Shutter that renders a more stylish and sleeker appearance to your shopfront. Now you do not have to compromise with security and quality to achieve amazing aesthetics for your property – aluminium is one-of-a-kind metal that can be fabricated into innovative styles or powder-coated in a variety of colours, from nude to bright and bold.

#4: Longevity

Another key feature that makes aluminium Roller Shutters a preferred choice of businesses is its durability. Unlike most other metals, aluminium does not rust, corrode or crack, and ensures long-lasting performance. They are resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays and do not fade over time. Most importantly, they are sturdy enough to withstand any adverse conditions outside. So, you can be assured of great value for money by investing in aluminium shutter doors.

#5: High-quality insulation and energy efficiency

When installing Roller Shutters, one of the biggest concerns is maintaining high levels of insulation and achieving energy efficiency. Aluminium is a metal that offers the best of both the worlds. It provides excellent insulation against air and water and also provides thermal efficiency. This helps maintain optimal temperature level and humidity inside. This minimises the load on your heating & cooling device and helps save energy consumption.

So, you can cut down on your energy costs significantly with aluminium Roller Shutters. Additionally, aluminium profiles also offer foam insulation, reducing outside noise level remarkably.

#6: Ease of maintenance

Another fantastic feature of aluminium is that it is significantly easy to maintain and does not need frequent repair work, unlike other materials. This helps you further save on your costs.

For high-quality Aluminium Solid Roller Shutter, trust Quick Shopfronts. We offer custom-made roller shutter installation services, designed for quality, reliability, safety and aesthetics.  

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