Roller shutters are an excellent way to ensure high level of security against vandalism, harsh weather conditions or accidental impact. In London, roller shutters have gained immense popularity owing to the high standards of protection it provides to a business or residential property. However, lack of maintenance or overlooking the complaints can compromise the security level the roller shutter offers. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the problems arising and seek professional roller shutter repair in London right away.

Discussed here are the most common ways your roller shutter can function disruptively. This will help you understand the defects and get emergency roller shutter repairs at the earliest.

When is the Right Time for Roller Shutter Repair in London?

Checkout when you should get your roller shutter repaired:

  • When it wears out due to regular wear & tear: Opening and closing the roller shutter causes a high level of friction that can result in worn-out connected panels over time. The manual procedure of operating the shutter through the handle can make it loose and it might need professional roller shutter repair service. Rigorous use can also cause the high tension springs, cables and nuts & bolts to wear out, creating an adverse environment for people inside out. Some warning signs to look for are creaking noise when opening or closing the shutter, difficulty operating, the handle breaks, etc.
  • Following vandalism: Has your roller shutter being damaged due to a burglary attempt? Do not delay and get emergency roller shutter repairs right away. Burglars often use crude weapons to break in and this can cause major damage to the shutter. Overlooking the damage may not only affect aesthetics of the shop front but can also compromise the safety of your property and people.
  • Gusts, leaks or rusts: Aluminium roller shutters are robust and provide high levels of resistance against outdoor elements. However, extreme weather conditions can cause leaks, rusts or gusts that need expert inspection and professional roller shutter repair in London. Look for signs such as puddle accumulation, gusts of wind or water dripping inside the property. These are often not caused due to a mechanical problem; however, there might be damaged panels that need instant repair to protect your property from extreme weather conditions.
  • Broken or damaged lock: If you are having difficulty locking your roller shutter or it has broken over time, get it repaired instantly. The locks might become rusty when used over a long period of time or may be broken due to an act of vandalism. A damaged lock may compromise the security of your property. So, get a professional for emergency shutter repairs.


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