When you see a tall building touching the sky, with glass as an exterior, it is known as Curtain Walling. Its absolutely stunning design and beauty of the glass that makes every big company desire of having one for them, it comes with a mouthful of benefits that makes it the decisive choice.

A multi-story building especially whose external walls are open for architectural designs, possibilities, energy saving, aesthetically pleasing and such other countless advantages, we highly recommend with the curtain walls.

The intricacy of the walls comes with the aluminium frame bind together with toughened glass, which is beneficial in lots of areas such as strength, temperature management, air-tight structure, day-lighting etc. With that being said, let’s discuss how it is manufactured and installed on the multi-story building.

Manufacturing | Installation

Quick Shopfronts Limited is a name prevalent in this segment, our crew engineers thrive for nothing but the perfection in the work, and by work, we mean in manufacturing and installation. We are a Company who can avert any misery or affliction related to Curtain Walls with a closer look and transmute it into an incessant jubilance.

Contemplating and perceiving the factors, requirements and reinforcing it with the drudging hard work. Our Curtain Wall Manufacturers are all set with the blueprint in hand to be able to construct with precision, in cutting, shaping and leaving zero error.

Next comes the Curtain Wall Installation similarly with higher order accuracy, our agile crew team does their work relentlessly regardless of any insecurities or excuses. It’s the trust of our customers on the team that is consolidating our values in the market.


Importance | Advantages | Maintenance

The rigorous structure makes it adamant enough to survive any powerful wind force. It’s the ability to retain own weight, and reject every single drop of water to enter inside during heavy rainfall is just marvelous.


  • Lightweight Material
  • Higher Energy Savings
    • Lightings
    • Quick access to the desired temperature
  • Easy to handle or manage
  • Small, Medium or large can be installed anywhere
  • Lowest maintenance required
  • Attractive and Stupendous Design
  • Affordable/ saves cost for non-structural exterior walls.


High-end devices/ things ask for high maintenance, but this guy simple asks for cleaning or rarely any repair or restoration. In the case of glass breakage, often Curtain Wall Replacement is needed to be done, where a brief call about the matter would solve your problem hastily.