Aluminium & Glass Lobby Installation in Ealing, Greater London

Quick Shopfronts is a group of highly skilled crew members who are keen and ardent to work for their customers, moreover, we believe and consider the work completion or closure when the customer satisfaction comes in return.

Today we are representing our work for an eating place, which happens to be in Ealing, Greater London. So starting from the beginning, where the owner of the site wanted a lobby made up of glass, which not only poses steel strength but also provides utter transparency.

Aluminium and Glass Lobby Installation
Understanding our customer’s emotions, we were certain that the team need to go with 8.8mm Laminated Safety Glass, that solves the purpose and desire at the same time. Having this installation means, one does not need to conciliate with the quality and appearance of the product used.

Determining or predicting its potency and aesthetic nature is actually hard, the reason being it fails everybody to notice any error, fault or future problems for at least more than a decade with normal usage.

Now, to add convenience while accessing the lobby, we harnessed a Swing door which suited the best in this scenario. To enhance the Long-lasting durability, we added powder coating on Aluminium. The investment on coating has proved that one will not suffer from corrosion in future and redundant maintenance charges.