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    Curtain Walling 

    Quick Shopfront offers a wide range of high-quality curtain walling installation solutions throughout the United Kingdom. Curtain walling is a great option for those looking for non-structural and lightweight walls to cover a larger area in low cost than construction. We construct these walls using aluminium and glass material.

    Aluminium is a lightweight, non-corrosive material that adds to the strength of these walls. Glass curtain walls add value to the look of your property and also let natural light enter your premises, thus making your premises more comfortable.

    Our Bespoke Curtain Walling Installation for Any Space-

    Curtain Walling installation is used to resist winds swaying in; seismic forces coming in and water and air infiltration. We offer innovative and creative customizable designs that balance all architectural and aesthetic preferences with all the functional needs of the clients.

    We cater to the most stunning designs but never compromise on the security and protection of the buildings. Our expert installers make sure that we achieve client satisfaction by using premium quality materials and techniques during our curtain walling installation.

    Curtain walling has two types- unitized and stick systems of curtain walls. In a unitised system of curtain walls units are assembled and glazed in the factory itself and are only fixed on the place of installation. They come as a whole unit to the construction site. One of the most important benefits of such installation is the speed of installation.

    On the other hand, in the stick system of curtain walls, the units need to be assembled piece to piece on the construction site. In such an installation you need to have space on your construction site. Such a system is good for low and mid-rise structures.

    Key Benefits of Curtain Walling Installation:


    One of the most lightweight options that you can choose for your structure is curtain walling installation. The best part that comes with such an installation is that you can be flexible with your installation. Such an installation is lightweight and gives a good view to your structure.


    Curtain walls are mostly made with glass and aluminium panels. This way your premises will have a free flow of natural light on your premises. They help in bringing natural light to your premises even in areas where it is almost impossible to get natural light. It will cut down the energy expenses.


    Curtain walling installation is a functional and flexible option for your property. Such an installation can separate the interiors and exteriors of your property in the right manner. Curtain walls can be used for different types of properties and will enhance the look of your structures.


    Property owners are going for the installation of curtain walls because they do not let the fire spread inside your premises. This keeps your place secure by all means. In addition to this all your assets, employees, and visitors are safe inside your premises.

    Why To Choose Our Curtain Walling Installation?

    As a leading manufacturer and installer of curtain walling, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional services at competitive prices. Our team is committed to providing high-quality installations that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We specialize in both unitized and stick systems of curtain walling installation, ensuring that we can cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.

    All our curtain walling contractors are well-trained in our area of application and make sure to carry out the procedure within your budget. We keep the considerations of our clients in mind in order to give a 5-star service to our customers.

    Our customer policy is to maintain lifelong relations with our customers and we wish to work with them again. We have an affordable pricing policy for all our customers and ensure to provide curtain walling installation with the best materials. Each and every material that we use in our installation goes through a series of tests so that the right standards are maintained. 

    We provide Free Estimates on Installation or Repair