Curtain walls are the modern & prominent facades of clads (metal panels) attested to modern buildings as these are designed to protect the building from outside elements and add to the beautiful and impressive look of the facade of the building. This modern architectural skill is very beneficial for business owners.

What is the Curtain Walling System?

Curtain walling is the non-structural system used for the external covering of the building so that outside elements can be prevented. Curtain walling is like an enclosure of the vertical buildings that supports only its weight and the environmental forces.

In simple words, curtain walls are panels designed to protect the building and are placed at the exterior of the building through mechanical bonding or some adhesives. These non-structural walls can be made of glass, metal, or even stone as per the requirement and personalized choices.

Which Components Make the Curtain Wall a Good Cladding Material?


Transom or horizontal rails are horizontal members on the curtain wall panel.


The mullions or vertical rails are anchored to the edge slab or beam. These are mainly involved in supporting the dead weight of the curtain wall.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is 3-5 times stronger than standard glass. It is difficult to break, and even if it breaks due to impact, it will shatter into small pieces which are blunt and do not cause fatal injuries. Thus, it is widely used as a safety glass.


Anchors are used to supporting the metal frames of the glass and aluminium, as per requirements.

Curtain Walling Installation

Types of Curtain Walling System

Stick Curtain Walling

Stick Curtain Walling are used as non-load bearing walls, usually suspended in front of structural steel or concrete framing. The term “stick” refers to the factory-cut mullions and transoms transported to the site as loose bars and sticks. However, it is possible to assemble them into a ladder frame, often called “ladders”, for quick glass assembly.


• Wide availability of system choice on the market at very competitive prices and short lead-in times.

• Suited for angular or complex facades.

• Quicker production processes in the factory.

• Sequence of the building can be changed quickly.

Unitized Curtain Walling

This curtain walling system is primarily favoured in high-rise buildings. With the support of essential components like Transom & Mullions fittings, the panels of the curtains can be fitted seamlessly. Due to tight tolerances of fabrication in a climate-controlled environment, high quality is only one hallmark of this type of system. The fabrication process for unitized systems is more consistent than for stick-built curtain walls, as unitized wall systems are constructed in almost an assembly line fashion, indoors, and under controlled environmental conditions.

With the Installation of the Unitized Curtain Wall, alignments are considered on primmest.

Two types of alignment conditions must be considered with unitized curtain wall construction

• Alignment between unitized panels

• Alignment between unitized panels and projecting slabs and other offsetting structural features of a building.


• Easy in installation with glass frames.

• With the appropriate work, the glass quickly erects the building site. • Suited to fit in the critical areas of the building.

Benefits of Installation of Curtain Walling

Keeps our water and other sways

With the tight intactness of clad metal frames, the curtain walls will be more accessible (to maintain and will last longer in general. They have this additional protective shield built in to remove the water and other sways out of the building.


Due to being lightweight, these walls are easy to install and even reduce the cost of production and construction. The main advantage of being lightweight is that curtain walling does not need any support besides it and does not put any pressure on the building.

Offer Great Thermal Efficiency

When properly treated and glazed, curtain walls also vastly improve thermal efficiency. As another layer of material across the building, curtain walls can stabilize the temperature within and cut down on the operating costs of the building itself.

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