A Frameless Shop Front Design for Chiropractic Clinic in Bromley, Greater London

Glass Shopfront is the number one recommendation of Quick Shopfronts when someone is expecting transparent work representation of the business. Likewise, we offered the proposal of frameless shop front to the Chiropractic Clinic which is located at Bromley, Greater London.

The idea behind this was to showcase the workspace and let the clinic, market itself for decades. Our focus and mindset was fixed on just one thing and i.e. to deliver the work so well that the clinic owner notices the spurt in the business after the installation.

Frameless Glass Doors

As to reduce the effort of the patients that will be entering the Chiropractic Clinic, we have introduced the frameless glass doors which not only eliminate the effort but also looks elegant aesthetically. Perhaps after reading frameless glass doors, most of you might be confused regarding the nature and ruggedness of the door. This confusion will vanish as soon as you read further.

Misconceptions & Truth

There is a number of misconception about Glass Shopfronts:

  • Delicate & Fragile: The glass used for the construction is 10 times stronger than the usual glass. It is most commonly called as Toughened Glass, and its construction includes several times of heating and cooling, that is necessary for enhancing the strength.
  • High Maintenance/Care: It is a myth that Frameless Shop Front needs more care and maintenance. It simply doesn’t ask for any maintenance besides cleaning and occasional checkups.
  • Weather Sensitive: Another big myth that most of us believe is that it cannot survive all weather with the same strength. Its rigidity is more than enough to survive all sorts of weathers from heavy winds to heavy rainfalls, from snow to extreme heat.
  • Improper Temperature Control: Just because its appearance is transparent it doesn’t mean it will allow outsides heat to enter inside the premise. Its thickness answers to the heat that tries to enter without permission.