Roller Shutters are turning out to be an essential entrance needs to be covered with the aspect of security and privacy. There are many popular categories of roller shutters available nowadays. From solid shutters to the visible shutters, most of the people are always concerned with the materials and features of roller shutters.

One of the popular categories of roller shutters trending among audiences is industrial roller shutters.

Industrial roller shutters are robust and modular in construction that is made of the grade material that makes it stronger and bolder in design. There are many designs in industrial roller shutters that come with a range of interlocks and even with remote control units or key switches (automatic mode).

Which Metals and Materials Add the Strength to Industrial Roller Shutters?

Aluminium Slats

Due to the property of lightweight and high tensile strength, aluminium can be easily bent and customized to the requirements in the form of slats. These are used in number of small slacked slats that are covered with brass coated tight screws and pivots, that promote the strength in each slat.

Stainless Steel

This stainless steels as a metal are used in the sectional slats of aluminium and filling of small brackets to align the hinges for the perfect fitting in slats for maximizing strength.


Brass is usually used as the powder form to coat the tight screws and pivot lining connecting the slats to tubular motors.

Metal Alloys

With the metal construction of roller shutter, zinc and zamak alloys are used to cover the rough areas or a critical section of roller shutters.

Industrial Roller Shutter

Advantages of Industrial Roller Shutter for Long Term Use:


The main benefit of roller shutters is that they protect your commercial or retail establishments from intruders. The sturdy material like brass and stainless steel secure the interlocking (with tight screws and stiffeners) to add the security feature. This feature reflects the quality of work done by the roller shutter installers to give the most favored look as per the individual’s requirements.

Add Privacy Aspect

These shutters also add privacy to your essential properties & documents. These shutters help block the view of the world into your business. Even if your business faces a road, you need not to worry about the traffic or the prying eyes of passers-by.

Improve Heat Control

Industrial roller shutters are best suited to keep heat from getting out and minimizing the amount of cold air that is entering a space. Using industrial roller shutters, one can easily avoid the need for using heating and cooling systems for temporary temperature regulation. Ultimately, you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills and enjoy the wonders of adding shutters to your home.

Weather Protection

Industrial roller shutter is used to protect your doors and windows against the critical weather conditions. Just close the shutters, and you can feel secure in knowing that Roller Shutters deflect debris that can break the glass and otherwise cause damage. Roller shutters don’t rattle during high winds.

The best thing about this industrial roller shutter is that they are widely available in automatic mode, where you can easily save your precious time of closing and opening of roller shutters.

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