Aluminium sliding doors are an excellent option for opening up your premises to the outdoors without losing valuable space on the inside or out. When you’re investing in aluminium sliding doors, the material you choose can make a big difference not only to the aesthetic of your property but also its value.

The material like – cast aluminium, brass, stainless steel, and zamak make the outer frame of aluminium sliding doors more studier and stronger. When it comes to security, be it at domestic premises/ commercial building, aluminium sliding doors continue to be rated among the foremost owing to their unmatched and full security features. The enhanced security interlocks are designed to augment the sense of safety and protection among users. The interior door hinges installed on the sliding doors focus more on customers’ security.

What does an installer do with the fixing of Aluminium Sliding Doors?

• Measure the rough opening width (distance between studs) and height (floor to the beam).
• Decide on replacement of single frame to sliding door frame.
• Apply leakproof flashing materials where required.
• Assemble the aluminium frame & toughened glass placement following the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Fixtures of extension jambs – They add interior trim around the door, leaving another 1/8-in. It is included to backset between the trim and the extension jamb.
• The installers cut filler strips to fit between the door frame and the siding with a 1/8-in. gap on both sides, then fill the gaps with silicone caulk.
• The installer finishes up your installation by screwing or nailing at the end with proper maintenance of frames.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

What kind of services is provided by Aluminium Sliding Doors?

• While changing rollers, unscrew and remove both aluminium stiles of moving panel.
• Checking the low aluminium profile and replacing it with a new high-grade aluminium profile.
• Looking for an unlimited choice of colours due to finishing techniques such as anodising and powder finishing.
• Sliding doors are offered in glazing options with – two, three, or four-part designs.

What are the Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors?

Additional Space

Aluminium Sliding doors operate without a hinge and simply slide backwards and forwards along a single, double or triple track (glazing) with a roller. Therefore, there is no door ‘opening arc’ as each panel tucks neatly behind another.

Natural Light

As sliding door systems support larger panels, they allow for increased glazed areas and less frame. Therefore, sliding doors deliver a far less interrupted view and more natural light to the premises where it is installed.

Energy Efficiency

Given the increased levels of glazing, sliding systems offer an incredible level of thermal insulation and energy efficiency.


These doors are safe to use, and highly secure, as they are usually covered with toughened glass. Whilst they bring the outside views into your premises, they very much keep unwanted intruders out.


Aluminium sliding doors offer a wide range of colour options to ensure the frame on view perfectly suits your premises. These are available in your choice of any RAL colour, with the further benefit of having the choice of contrasting colours on the interior and exterior of the door.

If you’re struggling to find the right aluminium sliding door for your premises, contact Quick Shopfronts today to find out the best fit aluminium doors!