Many business hubs and commercial stores require an entrance solution covered with the feature of beauty and security and the useful answer for this is electric roller shutters.

Electric roller shutters are constructed from the grade materials to create a strong barrier that helps to keep out the burglars & vandals. Powered by the single-phase tubular motor, you are viable to access the electric roller shutter with just click of a button. You can move it upward or down electrically and can help in saving a lot of effort of all time. For the added benefits, you can control the timing of your shutters, and set those automatically.

The best part of these shutters is the manufacturing of the materials from the custom-grade materials like – aluminium, stainless steel, brass, and metal alloys (zamak and nylon) that promote it for the “security” factor.

The security features such as a stronger aluminium profile filling, interlocks, hinges & clips placement promote the motorized electric roller shutters for an increase in overall strength of the roller shutter.

Benefits of Electric Roller Shutters are:

Automatic Operation – Click on the Button

With the automatic operation, these roller shutters are easy to close and open on the click of a button. Nowadays, these roller shutters are also powered by a digital display, which indicates the external temperature.

Security to Property Essentials

With a combination of the grade materials and metal alloys, these electric roller shutters are a good investment for the protection of your essentials. Right quality of materials used in the electric roller shutter help to keep your property in safe hands.


RAL Colour Finish

With its market-leading guarantees an excellent sustainability credential, RAL colour is used to improve the elegance and performance of the roller shutters. Most of the business & corporate houses select the dark colours (RAL/BS) to cover up the guide channels, GI sections, and brass coating for a powerful impact of an elegant look.

Thermal Insulation

With the right tubular motor selection and it’s workability, thermal insulation keep the surrounding environment as per the normal temperature, favored towards the lowering of electricity bills.


These roller shutters are widely used in garages, offices and industrial houses. Available in different designs, these serve to be of utmost importance and offers maximum safety from fire breakout, climatic conditions, and theft. With custom design and right fixtures, these roller shutters are the most cost-effective option before shopfronts!

Why Locking Mechanisms is a must in Electric Roller Shutter?

The locking mechanism of the paddle locks and interlocks in electric roller shutter present the best example of security & strength to withstand tampering. Interlocks are made up of a spring locking pin that is operated by the turn of a key, and a solid commercial component that is firmly welded to a shutter run, which makes criminal interference extremely difficult. Whereas, paddle lock is in a round format, which can be operated by keyed alike or keyed to different options.

Both the options of the locking mechanism are strong enough to prevent forced entry. With this, the styles of roller shutter have integrated electronics powered by tubular motor on top, that provide complete control over the motion of the roller shutter and thereby the power connection promote the maximization of property’s security.

Our team provide the installation of the electric roller shutters to help the businesses get covered with the security factors! Reach us to know more.