Create an aesthetically pleasing impression on customers even before they enter the store, with a well-designed shopfront. A shop front is the first element of the store that customers see. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that it reflects the aesthetics and requirements of the store. These days, shop fronts are available in a variety of designs, materials and style. Quick Shopfronts helps you consider your options before installing the one that best suits your shop.


Types of Shop Fronts

When it comes to deciding on the right shop front for your establishment, it is important to consider all the options available. A well-designed shop front can change the look of the establishment and attract customers to step in for a look. Get in touch with the best shop front fitters in your region and decide on the right type of shop front to install.

  • Aluminium Shop Fronts: This is best suited for businesses, restaurants or smaller stores. It offers top-notch protection against dust and the weather while needing minimal maintenance.
  • Glass Shop Fronts: These are best suited for high-end stores so that every passer-by will be able to view the products on display. This helps stores market the product without having to set up advertisements.
  • Curtain Walling: Although they may seem similar to shopfronts, curtain walling requires different mechanisms and is best suited for malls or multi-storey buildings. It is the best option for those looking for lightweight and weather resistant walls that are stylish and easy to maintain.

Regulations for Constructing Shop Fronts in London 

Most shops pick shop fronts that best highlight their business and match the design of the store. However, it is important to consider local laws and building regulations before setting up a new shopfront.

Some key factors that can affect the overall design are:

  1. Conservation Areas

Some areas in London have been listed as conservation areas. In such neighbourhoods, there are stringent standards of quality and design set up by the local council that the storefront must meet. Most important of these being that the storefront should not affect the traditional design elements of the building. It is necessary to acquire Conservation Area Consent from the city council in order to begin construction on the shop.

  1. Planning Permission

In order to construct a storefront that alters an existing building in any way, it is necessary to get planning permission. Additionally, if setting up the storefront involves the demolition of a wall or the removal of the existing window and entrance systems, it is necessary to get Listed Building Consent. It helps to contact an officer in the Conservation and Design team to set up a fixed design plan before applying for Planning Permission or Listed Building Consent.

  1. Street Design

While setting up shop fronts in London, consider how it will look in relation to the existing buildings and stores in the street. In order to attract the positive attention of the local residents, the storefront must enhance and improve upon the design sensibilities of the area. This ensures that the storefront stands out amongst the crowd without negatively impacting the street view.

Designing the Right Shop Front 

Attractive designs and apt advertising are key factors for attracting customers to your store.

Consider these factors while designing the shop front for your establishment.

  • Pick a design that complements the interiors of the store.
  • In case of a store that sells fashionable products or eye-catching food items, consider using a glass shop front
  • Opt for an aluminium shop front in case of salons or small businesses that require privacy from the street and protection for the weather elements
  • Pick a colour scheme that not only complements the interiors of the store but also stands out against the street on which the shop is located
  • Consider where the name of the store or the brand image will be set up on the shop front
  • Take into account which material will be the easiest to maintain in the long term

Quick Shopfronts has many a years of industry experience in installing durable, stylish and well-made shop fronts in London and Greater London areas. Our team is well versed with the best practices to follow and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Get in touch with our teams and install a stylish new shop front with minimal stress.