Fire shutter is the king of all the shutters when it comes to security, being prevalent for its firefighting ability, that can survive low to extreme levels of heat and temperature.

Places, such as hospitals, hotel’s kitchens, manufacturing companies, factories where the chances of catching the fire are very well known, generally pick the fire rated roller shutter.

Our blind trust on our team from the very beginning has created a recognition in the market as the best fire shutter manufacturers. Our attitude and fortitude for every job have made an impression on every single client.

How we did it? We did it and will continue to do so with our highly skilled and experienced Engineers, whose ambition and motto resonates everywhere they completed the job.


Why Fire Roller Shutter?

When it comes to security for any business whether it be for office, hotel or factory, nobody would practice leniency in terms of peace, and protection. But, it is hard and cumbersome to pick one suitable shutter out of options to choose from in the market, isn’t it?

Quick Shopfronts limited has made this issue simpler. Our objective is to guide our customers, in order to perceive the matter, requirement and products in a nutshell. This motto has helped in enhancing productivity, reducing the time consumption and faster delivery of the job.

Fire rate roller shutter doors are preferred and also recommended to achieve 100% life safety features, places where it takes time to call fireman, this tough roller door does all the work to demolish the fear and hazards caused by fire.


Versatility in installation: Not only entry gates, or main doors but also fire rated window shutters are also gaining the popularity rapidly. Additionally, it comes with effort reducing feature also that comes in automatic fire shutters. Where sensors do all the work and throw an alarm of hooter and a warning message.

Versatility in fire resistance: being able to withstand fire tenacity for a particularly desired time interval, it comes with different fire rating, for instance, 1,2 or 4 hours. Where according to the requirement it can be harnessed.

More rigid than usual shutters: it’s verily obvious that the ability to persist still in temperatures above 1000 degree Celsius leaves no doubt why it is rugged than the usual ones.

Long lasting: An assurance of ensuring the stability, rigidness, adamantine strength that doesn’t go out of its efficiency.

Low maintenance: It’s more of a onetime investment. Ones you have installed it, negligible maintenance is needed because of occasional wear and tear.

Cost: in accordance with the market, we are known for the genuine and legitimate cost for construction, and installation.