Growing in popularity, toughened glass shopfronts have become an ideal choice for sleeker and modular shopfronts look. These shopfronts are ideally made up of 8mm to 12mm toughened safety glass that is installed with rails and patch fittings coming in a variety of finishes (satin/polished stainless steel, powder coated, brass, etc) with decorative door handles to match. The special chemical treatment makes the toughened safety glass filled with strength and reliability that make it a good choice with or without the aluminium profile being present within the main entrance area of shops or stores. The toughened glass look creates a comfortable work environment and therefore is perfect for internal partitions, and ideally suited to any business where image and maximum exposure is everything.

The material like – Silica/sand, metal oxides, sodium carbonate, and metal alloys make the toughened glass more studier. For that reasons most of the retail outlets, corporate houses, and commercial building personals put them on their top list.

For the installation of toughened glass for shopfronts with the accuracy and precision, hiring a toughened glass shopfronts installer must be a worthier choice to make.

Toughened Glass Shopfronts

What processes make glass more and more robust?

The chemical process of ion exchange makes the glass tougher by the passing through the stages of tempering and soluble metal salts.


It is the process of heating and cooling the glass with the hot ion deposition when the glass is submerged in a bath containing a potassium salt at 300°C. Since the salt is dissolved, this means that it has separated into its constituent ions, freeing the charged potassium ions to replace the sodium ions in the surface of the glass. As sodium ions leave the glass to enter the solution, the gaps they leave behind are filled with comparatively larger potassium ions.

Soluble Metal Salts

In this process, potassium, calcium, and sodium salts are mixed to form the sturdy surface of the inner glass. Whereas, the outer surface of the glass is being forced under compression as its molecules “grow,” while the interior remains the same, placing it under tension. With both surfaces of the glass now under compression, the force needed to break the glass increases it must first exceed the compressive forces to bring back the level of toughness.

What Questions must be considered asking to the Installer of Toughened Glass Shopfronts?

• Ask about the previous projects and note their experiences that can be helpful for the reference purpose.
• What necessary fittings in the brackets and pivots points are essential in the stability of shopfronts.
• What the team provides a different type of maintenance services. Also, ask of the emergency services.
• Ask about the product specification briefing.
• Discuss the industry standards used by the manufacturers in making the toughened glass.

Benefits of Toughened Glass Shopfronts

Increase your Shop Advertisement

Glass Shopfronts allow you to showcase your listed products and services you want to offer. These shopfronts enable you to maximize your products advertising without compromising throughout the day and night.

Easy Cleaning

With the high tensile strength, cleaning the glass shopfronts is a natural process. The perfect fitting allows the cleaning in a more accessible way.

Modular Construction

The material like – Silica, metal oxides, and other beautiful alloys allow promoting the glass shopfronts for the sleeker and modular look.

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