Toughened Glass Shopfronts are always preferred over any other Shopfront available in the market. All Toughened Glass Shopfronts, entrance systems and screens manufactured at Quick Shopfronts are the most attractive solutions for all commercial properties. These offer an unbeatable sophisticated and minimalistic look that businesses look for.

Our Glass Shopfronts are designed to meet individual requirements. We offer an array of features in our products, such as glass thickness – 10mm or 12mm, clamps, and fittings used for joining have different finishes – Satin Stainless finish or Satin Anodised finish or the Brushed Stainless Steel finish. Our main motive is to satisfy our clients by designing Glass Shopfronts suiting their unique demands. Some clients need a double door configuration, whereas others need single door configuration with unique handles, some like manual doors and others require automated ones. We have vowed to deliver products designed according to our clients’ choices. But we always discuss, with our clients, the problems they may face in the future with the kind of shopfront they want to be installed.

Our team was recently sent to a store in Reading, Berkshire to install a shopfront. The client wanted an aluminium shopfront with normal glass to be installed at his store. Our experts knew that the normal glass is fragile, harmful when broken and has a shorter life span. Hence, being firm in our motive and delivering the best, our experts sat and discussed all the issues he may face in the future. The client agreed for not using normal glass but was worried about using toughened glass.

We were successful in convincing him for Toughened Glass Shopfronts after we introduced all its features. Toughened glass is four times stronger than a normal glass. It is considered as a safety glass as it’s hard to break it. If at all it breaks, it doesn’t come out as sharp pieces; instead, it breaks in small globules that are comparatively harmless. After successfully installing the shopfront in Reading, the client appreciated us for our commendable work, professionalism, and dedication.