Iconic outlook and professional impression of curtain walling is the need of every commercial building. There are numerous reasons and benefits to get curtain walling installation done. Its exceptional aesthetic appeal is not only the intriguing factor, but its flexible design and safety for the external as well as interiors of the building also persuade the owners to install it. That modern finish with clean lines is the demand of this 21st-century era. There is glass incorporated in the sturdy framing for a classy presentation of the building by our experts. We, Quick Shopfronts believe in giving an edgy look to your tall building and covering each floor with a distinct design with a beautifully designed curtain walling system.

The most evident role of curtain walling installation other than beautifying your space is to keep the outside environmental elements at a bay. It is like a protective layer for the expensive interior décor of the building and to maintain peace inside for a sound working atmosphere. This frameless structure facilitates the building in avoiding snowfall, rainfall, air pollutants as well as dirt. However, it has to be of superior quality material to provide the best help framing to the building otherwise all your investment will be in vain. This façade made of clads is pretty helpful for modern buildings and is designed to safeguard it from all the external factors while maintaining its professionalism.

There are mainly two types of curtain walling installation, namely unitized curtain walling system and stick curtain walling system. Talking about the stick curtain wall system, it is a type that is assembled piece by piece on the building site and is ideal for low-rise buildings. The benefits of this type are a reasonable cost for shipping and less time required. Whereas on the other hand, there is a unitized curtain walling system which is known for tall buildings and skyscrapers. They are brought to the construction site as a single unit and installed. This can be a quite big installation and bringing it to the site of a building can be a difficult task and there is will be more transportation costs involved. However, there is less labor requirement and a temporary hoist can do the whole job all at once. Both the type of curtain walling installation have their own importance and advantages. All you need is to connect with our experts and get advice about the most appropriate type for your building.

Quickview on the advantages of curtain walling installation;

  • It keeps the air and water out of the building by acting as a shield, buffer, and insulator. This layer installed on the exteriors of the building facilitates the maintenance of the entire façade.
  • The appearance that elevates the overall aesthetics is one of the prominent advantages of curtain walling installation. Its contemporary design and unique appeal are all you require for an attractive façade for your commercial building.

Reach out to us for any query related to curtain walling installation. We are happy to help you.