Commercial buildings are fast switching from conventional exteriors to aesthetically appealing Curtain Wall designs. Apart from looking great and saving construction costs remarkably, these installations offer protection to buildings in many ways that you can think of. If you are considering these non-structural designs for your commercial establishment, here we give you some additional reasons to support your decision.

Curtain Walling Installation

Keeps dirt and dust away

Accumulation of dust is a big nuisance for commercial setups. Apart from degrading the face value of a building, dirt and dust may also require extensive cleaning and dusting efforts almost on daily basis. By choosing these aluminium and glass walls, you actually create an envelope around your building, disallowing dust to invade the internal space.

Shields building against rain and snow

Many clients visit Quick Shopfronts asking solutions for protection against rain, hails and snow. These lightweight walling solutions act as shields, protecting the actual building surface against degrading effects of these damaging weather phenomenon. The materials like aluminium and glass might look fragile, but they are strong enough to bear the gash weather elements, thereby ensuring long life of these installations.

Ensures shelter against weather discomfort

A comfortable workplace is one which stays warm during winters and cool during summers. These installations are known to trap heat during winters and coolness during summers to create the desired comfort inside the buildings. Needless to say, it highlights another great benefit of these designs which is thermal efficiency as it allows energy conservation and lowers down the energy bills.

Guards against UV rays

Glass and aluminium Curtain Walling solutions are admired for creating transparency and allowing adequate amount of natural light to the building interiors. What you also need to know is that these designs are capable of absorbing the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. As a result, not just the people working inside the buildings are protected, but also the furniture and other items from degrading.

Prevents water infiltration

Glass walling designs are designed with such precision that there is no scope for water to penetrate and damage the building surface and interiors. The sealants used in these installations further create an impenetrable barrier and create an absolutely waterproof design. You can very well imagine the water damage that can be easily prevented with this arrangement.

Resists high speed wind

If your commercial building is located in a region where wind blowing with high speed is common, these designs are nothing less than a boon for your establishment. These walling designs have the ability to resist the sways caused by wind. This advantage is especially useful in case of tall buildings that needs to be protected against kinetic forces.

Avoids condensation or frosting

Formation of frost on the glass surface is another common issue, even faced by certain glass walling designs. These occurrences are not only annoying but can also have damaging effects. However, the expert suppliers like Quick Shopfronts ensure that the issue is addressed by introducing measures like thermal breaks in the overall design.

Checks the pollutants

The conventional building exteriors usually fail to keep a check on the pollutants entering the building. These elements present in air may also degrade the overall look of the building which is not acceptable whether it is a residential or commercial building. With a glass walling in front of the main exterior wall, it is much easier to address these concerns.

Saves the costs

The costs of maintaining the commercial buildings too can be daunting and needs to be controlled. With a Curtain Wall installation, you not only save the construction costs, but can also lower down the costs of repairing and repainting the building. As the materials like aluminium used in these installations are highly durable, these have long life and demand low-cost maintenance as well.

The Curtain Walls are definitely the most amazing architectural trends of the modern world. Make the right move of investing in them and reaping all great benefits.