Apart from selecting the right kind of design, another concern is getting the front doors and roller shutters installed on time. A lot would depend on whether it is a brand new installation or you are simply looking for door glass replacement. It is necessary that you have a complete discussion in advance about how long the process would take with the fitting service provider. Here are some important factors that may help you have a precise idea about the installation time.

Type of Front Doors and Roller Shutter Garage Doors You Choose

The electric roller shutter garage doors may obviously take more time for install than the manually-operated solid or perforated roller shutter doors. In the case of shop front doors, the time may differ for the frameless glass doors and aluminium glass doors. It is recommended that you select a company that manufactures as well as installs doors as it may help you save time communicating your needs to the same team.

In general, a new door may take up to 7-8 hours for the complete installation. However, a simple door glass replacement may get completed in 2-3 hours.

Installing Main Doors and Roller Shutter Garage Doors Based on Your Needs

If you want customized solutions for roller shutter garage doors and storefront entrance doors, you may have to wait longer. It may take up to 5-6 days for the custom designs to be delivered and installed. Some of your specific needs that may influence the overall time include:

Colours and Designs: Depending on the design of your store or garage, you may order shutters and front doors in a custom colour or design for the best looks. The procedures like powder-coating may add to the delivery time.

Tailored Installations: The customized fitting door angles and other specific installation needs may affect the installation time.

Specific Time for Fitting: If you run a busy store, you may want the fitters to choose a time that doesn’t affect your business. You may have to postpone the process to the weekends.

However, you may seek quick roller shutter installation or door glass replacement during an emergency or urgent situation. For this, you must choose a professional fitting company like Quick Shopfronts which arrives at your site at the earliest and offer quick quotes. Apart from door and shutter installation and replacement, they also deal in regular and urgent repairs to restore the looks and functionality of commercial properties.