Glass shopfront is the newest industry standard, revolutionizing the way businesses present themselves and attract customer attention. Glass doors look exceptionally stylish and sophisticated, and are a fantastic way of showcasing your business to grab the interests of the onlookers.

However, glass is most vulnerable to breakage or cracks caused due to harsh weather conditions, accidents, abrasive cleaners, or vandalism. A mere chip on your shopfront glass can be hazardous for people around and also affects your brand reputation. Therefore, it is crucial to seek professional shopfront glass replacement immediately to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of people.

Before getting your shopfront glass replaced, here are some important factors you should consider to ensure the best value.

5 signs that your shopfront glass needs replacement

So how do you know when it is the right time to replace your shopfront door glass?

Here are the top 5 signs to look for:

  • Your glass door has cracks and chips, affecting insulation and thermal efficiency inside your shop
  • The shopfront glass appears foggy or milky even in normal temperatures
  • The door does not open or close properly or have defects that can put your security at risk
  • The shopfront glass door design is old-fashioned
  • The glass is over 15 years old

shopfront glass replacement

What can affect the cost of shopfront glass replacement?

The cost of a shopfront glass replacement will vary depending on the type of door you choose. For instance, if you choose to replace the old glass with a double-pane rather than a single pane, it can cost you more. But the former is more energy-efficient and can help cut down your costs.

Furthermore, laminated or tempered glass is an upgraded material with enhanced security features and is on the expensive side.

Again, sliding glass door provides ease of operations and will typically cost high than traditional glass doors. However, you should always weigh the advantages of these glass features against their cost to make a wise decision.

DIY or hiring a professional?

To save money, you can often consider replacing the glass yourself. However, DIY for damaged glass can be complex and hazardous and should be done by a professional. Additionally, installing a new shopfront glass needs accuracy and precision to achieve high-end security and insulation.

Only a seasoned glass door replacement company has certified technicians, tools, and technology to replace and install shopfront glass in a professional manner.

Another advantage of hiring a professional for shopfront glass replacement is they provide expert consultation on what type of glass is ideal for your space. They have the best products that are durable, resilient, high-performance, and will last the test of time. The professionals also offer customised solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Shopfronts Glass Replacement vs. Repair

Should you choose to repair the door glass or consider shopfront glass replacement? Considering this is crucial because replacing a glass door can be more expensive than repairing the same. If there is a small chip or crack, you can consider repairing it by a seasoned professional. Additionally, if the door is not operating smoothly due to grit, dirt, or wear and tear, then getting it repaired is a cheaper alternative than replacing it.

However, if the glass is smashed or the crack is bigger, replacement is the only viable option. Make sure you hire only an expert who can replace the damaged glass and install the new one with utmost precision, ensuring longevity, high insulation, and enhanced security.

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